We all want brands to help reduce our collective environmental impact and with your help, we can show them how.

Helping Customers by Helping Brands

We are on a mission to help customers get the products they want while making an environmental impact. Our circular business model helps leading brands seamlessly manage and remarket returned products directly to the customers that value them most, you!

When you purchase a refurbished product, you help get more value and enjoyment out of an item that has already been manufactured and prevent it from needlessly being sent to landfill while also preventing the need for a new item to be produced. This simple act of circularity results in significant environmental impacts, including avoiding GHG emissions, the development of new plastics, the mining of copper and other metals, and the use of water.

Our model is straightforward: Brands need help managing customer returns; Customers need help finding products that meet their sustainability values.

Our Verdi (Re)Source Sustainability program helps on both fronts. We help brands change their view on customer returns from one of waste management to one of resource management and we help customers understand the specific environmental benefits they help bring about when they choose a top-quality refurbished product.


Since 2021, customers who chose refurbished products helped us drive significant change. Together, we helped brands:

Climate Action

• Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from e-waste disposal by over 810 metric tons CO2(eq)

• Prevent release of over 112,000 metric tons of CO2(eq) by recirculating returned products

Resource Efficiency

• Reduce direct plastic demand by over 4.5M pounds

• Reduce direct demand for copper by over 1.1M pounds and all other metals by over 3.58M pounds.

• Reduce total water usage by over 5.6B gallons

Waste Management

• Divert over 12.1M pounds of e-waste from landfills

Knowledge is Impactful

We are committed to making it clear to all our customers exactly how your choices help us make a difference. We strive to calculate the environmental impacts of each and every product we sell so you can know where and how your choice to purchase a refurbished product makes an impact.