• What exactly does refurbished mean?
    • A pre-owned device which has been returned and restored to as close to like-new as possible, including replacement parts and updated software if necessary. All of our products are Certified Refurbished meaning it has been refurbished by the manufacturer or an authorized third party. You can read more about this here: Refurbished, Renewed, Used…What’s the difference?
  • Are all items in equally good condition?
    • Yes, all of our items are refurbished to as close to brand new as possible. 
  • Do you offer any warranties for your products?
    • Yes, we do! All our products offer at least a 90 day manufacturer warranty. Several new products offer longer-term warranties of 1-2 years. If you need additional details about your product’s warranty, please Contact Us.
  • Where do your products ship from?
    • We fulfill all orders from our own warehouses across multiple locations in the United States. 
  • How exactly does my purchase help the environment?
    • By purchasing one of our refurbished products, you are saving that unit and all the resources that went into manufacturing it, from being wasted in a landfill or incinerator. By replacing the demand for a newly manufactured unit you are helping prevent the usage of additional resources. You learn more about commitment to sustainability here: Our Social Responsibility - Sustainability at Verdi and view the resources saved
  • Who is Verdi?
    • Since 2013, our team of ecommerce and omni-channel experts add value to our brand partners through the remarketing of quality products. We have offices in New York, Texas and Florida. You can learn more about us here: Verdi Commerce

  • Why did the price or item change?
    • We offer a very wide range of new, refurbished, open box and returned items to consumers at greatly reduced prices. Our inventory changes every day and our prices and coupon offers do as well. We recommend you buy when you see something as the product or price might not be available again. Happy shopping! 


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