ECOVACS DEEBOT600-RB DEEBOT 600 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, White – Refurbished

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ECOVACS DEEBOT600-RB DEEBOT 600 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, White - Refurbished


The DEEBOT utilizes an innovative cleaning technology so it can clean a larger area more thoroughly and efficiently. Combined with a comprehensive cleaning system, this DEEBOT means less chores and more free time for you. Hard Floor Cleaning Mode, Max Mode, App Control and Alexa and Google home compatible.


  • Max Mode
  • Hard Floor Cleaning Mode
  • App Control
  • Echo and Google home

    High Performance Cleaning For All Floor Types

    DEEBOT can clean multiple floor types, including both hard surface floors and carpets, and comes with a high performance cleaning system that can tackle a variety of mess-types.

    3-Stage Cleaning System For Effortless Cleanliness

    With the edge cleaning brushes and the V-shaped main brush, the DEEBOT simultaneously sweeps, lifts and vacuums in a single pass.

    Smart Motion, Plus Hard Floor Cleaning Mode

    The DEEBOT uses Smart Motion to clean both carpet and hard surface floors. When in Hard floor cleaning mode, the DEEBOT follows a systematic, back-and-forth cleaning path allowing it to clean more thoroughly, efficiently and cover a larger cleaning area.

    Maximize Cleaning Performance With Max Mode

    Tackle those particularly problematic messes by engaging the Max Mode cleaning function. It increases suction power up to 2 times, and works on both hard surface floors and carpets.

    Control DEEBOT, Anytime, Anywhere

    With the ECOVACS Home App you can control and monitor your robot from anywhere: schedule a clean, monitor its status, start a new cleaning session, all with one simple, easy-to-use App.

    Smart Home Compatible

    DEEBOT is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, while being controllable via the App as well. You can double your smart home credentials by using one of these centralized systems to maintain and direct your DEEBOT.

    Time Scheduling

    Simply set a regular time and go about your business, and never return to a dirty home again.

    Automatic Charging

    No human intervention required! When battery power gets low, DEEBOT automatically returns to its Dock Station, all by itself.

    Stair Safety Technology

    DEEBOT moves safely around your home using anti-drop sensors to clean around stairs.

    Obstacle Detection Technology

    With its anti-collision sensors and soft cushion bumpers, DEEBOT can avoid obstacles and protect your furniture.

    High Efficiency Air Filter

    Breathe easier when cleaning with DEEBOT thanks to an integrated high efficiency air filter that captures airborne triggers associated with allergies and asthma.

    Auto Start With One Touch

    One-touch simplicity, just press the button and DEEBOT will engage the auto-clean mode.

    Find Me

    To help users find the DEEBOT when it becomes stuck in some hidden areas like corners or under furniture.


    Smart Functions  
    Anti-Drop YES
    Anti-Collision Bumper Rail  Infrared Anti-Collision Sensor  
    Anti-Block YES
    Auto Charging YES
    Cleaning Performance  
    Suction/ Main Brush Main brush  
    Surface Covered wood floor  ceramic tile  Barefloor    low file carpet  
    Working Time(min) 110/70  
    Filter Filter Net + Sponge + High Efficiency Filter  
    Side Brush Dual
    Easy to Use  
    Time Scheduling YES
    Remote Control YES
    Machine Weight (kg) 3.3  
    Max Door Sill Crossing (cm) 1.4  
    Noise Level (db.)(Standard/ Max, Intensive) 64/70  
    Dust Bin Capacity(ml) 300  
    Charging Time (h) Approx.4  

ECOVACS DEEBOT600-RB DEEBOT 600 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, White – Refurbished

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