LiftBoard LIFTBOARD-SINGLE-RB Single Motor Electric Skateboard Black - Refurbished

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LiftBoard LIFTBOARD-SINGLE-RB Single Motor Electric Skateboard Black - Refurbished


Take on the city in a new way on this UL Certified Single Motor Liftboard! The Single Motor Liftboard flies over pavement with speeds up to 16 mph and a distance of 16 miles. Rechargeable batteries power the single motor to get you up a hill and safely back down. Regenerative braking allows for safe and controlled braking while also charging the board's battery. The Liftboard is ready to go when you are.


  • 16mph top speed
  • 16 miles range
  • Lithium ion rechargeable battery
  • Wireless remote
  • Climbs hills up to 15°
  • UL Certified
  • Single 21.6V motor


Go the distance with the Single Motor LiftBoard. Easily travels up to 16 miles on one single charge.


The 900 Watt motor can push the LiftBoard to speeds of up to 16 mph.


Whether you are commuting through hilly streets of San Francisco or just cruising up a country trail, LiftBoard will be right with you.

7 Ply Maple Deck

The LiftBoard is made from high quality seven ply maple. This allows the board to be sturdy, resistant to harsh environments and lightweight.

Customizable Trucks

LiftBoard trucks are cast from quality steel and powder coated to a satin black finish. The trucks are adjustable, and each LiftBoard includes a multi tool so you can customize the truck characteristics to your liking.

High Performance Wheels

We use a set of 80mm wheels that are capable of handling a wide verity of terrain and cruising on smooth surfaces. Our wheels have a hardness rating of 78A which means they can grip surfaces without sacrificing longterm usability and excessive wear.

Brushless Dc Motor

Every LiftBoard model is equipped with top-of-the-line brushless DC motors. Each Liftboard motor outputs 900 watts of power while maintaining long-term durability and battery efficiency. We use belt driven motors to increase low-end torque and allow the LiftBoard to easily traverse hilly terrain.


Top Speed
16 miles per hour
16 miles
Charging Time
3 hours
15 pounds
Incline Limit
15 degrees
24 Lithium ion batteries required
39 x 9 x 15 inches


LiftBoard LIFTBOARD-SINGLE-RB Single Motor Electric Skateboard Black - Refurbished

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